Caring for others as we would want to be cared for.

Palliative & Home Care Supplies

Tache Pharmacy Seven Oaks can provide support to caregivers with the following:

  • Unique compounded medication such as suppositories, lollipops, under the tongue, topical sprays/gels or liquid dosage forms
  • Anti-nausea, laxatives, oral/mouth care and other supportive medications
  • Prefilled syringes and preparations for IV, SC or IM dosing
  • Pain medication and continuous SC Infusion Pumps
  • Compassionate and prompt service (24 hour Emergency Service)
  • TENS
  • Medical information for caregiver or nurse
  • Free pickup of Prescription Script
  • Free Prescription Delivery
  • Compliance/Bubble Packing Pill for convenience