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Vaccinations and Injections

Our pharmacists are authorized to administer vaccinations and injections to patients over the age of seven. We have a private counselling office where the injection is provided after receiving signed consent from our patients.

All Manitoba residents are eligible to receive a flu vaccination free of cost each year. We will be providing flu vaccines to walk-in patients as well as being a secondary location for the Seven Oaks flu clinics. Our pharmacists will also be visiting some of our care homes to immunize the residents.

Along with flu vaccines, we are able to provide other vaccines free of cost if you meet the Manitoba guidelines for eligibility. For example, this would include the pneumococcal vaccine as well as the TDap. Please call us to confirm your eligibility.

For all other vaccinations and injections we charge a $15 fee. This would include most travel vaccines, as well as medications like depo-provera or vitamin B12. Our pharmacists can also provide education about proper injection technique, which could be beneficial for patients giving themselves injections at home.